I have a particular affinity toward moleskins, Nietzsche, and fountain pens. I also enjoy cappuccinos, The Economist, dancing, B&W photography, Kafka, electronic music, philosophy, kickbox, Paulo Coelho, black (color), and politics. And of course, blogging. That's where BohemianTranscendence comes in: this blog is not only the recount of personal experiences, emotions, and thoughts, but also an exploration of the passion hidden behind our desire for life.

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Photography, Calligraphy, Work, Travel, and more…

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Last Thursday, after completing the last class of the photography workshop I had signed up for five weeks before, I took a deep breath, let it out, and told myself I could start relaxing a bit. I hadn’t seen September pass by and before I knew it, October had already thrown itself onto me and taken me down with a countless list of tasks to be accomplished within tight deadlines. Although I had enjoyed the workshop immensely, being done with… [Read more.]

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