I have a particular affinity toward moleskins, Nietzsche, and fountain pens. I also enjoy cappuccinos, The Economist, dancing, B&W photography, Kafka, electronic music, philosophy, kickbox, Paulo Coelho, black (color), and politics. And of course, blogging. That's where BohemianTranscendence comes in: this blog is not only the recount of personal experiences, emotions, and thoughts, but also an exploration of the passion hidden behind our desire for life.

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Las Vegas pics & mileage run to NYC

Posted by on February 7, 2012 at 10:43 pm under catogories [PersonalTravel] and tags. 2 Comments.

Tonight, I am in the mood for something Cuban.
Chan Chan is one of those songs you’ve known all your life, but don’t quite know where you’ve heard it first.

Not that it matters really, because when I listen to this song, my thoughts drift to the beach and late summer evenings.

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