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Last Thursday, after completing the last class of the photography workshop I had signed up for five weeks before, I took a deep breath, let it out, and told myself I could start relaxing a bit. I hadn’t seen September pass by and before I knew it, October had already thrown itself onto me and taken me down with a countless list of tasks to be accomplished within tight deadlines. Although I had enjoyed the workshop immensely, being done with it essentially meant one less thing to work on.

Photography Workshop Project
See full project here.

At least, until the morning after when I figured out I had plenty of “candidates” to replace my Thursday night activity, and free time wasn’t one of them.

Turns out, the days that followed were the busiest yet. Perhaps, because I’m trying to finish as much work as I can before I leave for France next week. I’ll be gone for seven days (two of which spent in flying), and I already know those will be seven fully packed days, so if there’s something I need to get done by the end of the month, it needs to be done now.

This is perhaps what prompted me to pull an all-nighter earlier this week. Which, also perhaps, wasn’t the smartest decision ever. It certainly wasn’t a necessary all-nighter. But what can I say? I felt in a creative mood and wanted to keep working on my project, to code, and also to do this:

Square Kufic Calligraphy

This is a homework for my Arabic calligraphy class: an attempt at Square Kufic, using my name. Coming up with the design itself didn’t take long. However, the entire process of measuring, creating a first draft, and then the final result was slightly longer than I had expected. I didn’t care though – I found this exercise in calligraphy to be extremely relaxing and pleasant. Focusing on this allowed me to free my mind from any other thought and to feel the serenity of pure concentration.
I must admit I also was really happy with the way it came out. Plus, my teacher actually really liked it, so I think I did a good job 😉 I’ll definitely try to do some more complicated ones at a later point.

Speaking of Arabic, next week of is the last one of the current session. Next one, I’ll continue the Egyptian dialect I started, and I’ll be taking again the Intermediate Conversation class – I really need it. It’s one thing to understand the grammar and logic behind a language and a totally different thing to be actually able to speak in it. (And to also remember and apply the grammar while speaking.)

Apart from that, I can’t say much more – I’ve been working mostly on my start-up project and my MBA, together with some webdesign work. The rest of the time, I try to “chill out” in the gym – so far, my goal of spending at least an hour every day in it has worked out really well. There have been just one exception last week and two this one due a bad burn. (I burnt my forearm while cooking, and it turns out, burns do not like sweat. So I had to let it heal a bit before I could continue with my workouts.) Those exceptions weren’t too much of a disappointment though: 1) those days happened to also be the busiest, 2) my legs are pretty much dead after my last workouts anyway. Thank God for aspirin.

And TGIF. Have a great weekend everyone!


PS: I’ll be making some changes to the photo gallery (resizing and renaming pictures), so if you notice anything wrong, do not worry… unless it lasts till past the weekend – then let me know! 😉
PS2: I should also have the Puerto Rico pics up by Sunday (yes, I’ve been promising those for a while). The trip next week is pressuring me to catch up, or else I’ll be buried under a few gigs of raw and jpeg files.

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