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Are you ready?

Posted by on October 7, 2011 at 5:54 pm under catogories [PersonalReflections]. Leave a reply.

As a child and even in my young teen years, I was taught that you needed to wait for the right opportunity. That patience and preparation were the key to success. But life taught me a slightly different lesson.

I saw how many individuals around me – talented individuals – planned, prepared, followed the path they had traced for themselves, just waiting for that perfect opportunity when they’d get what they’ve always wanted. Still, there was always that “something” missing. And that something made them believe that their moment had not yet come. Not quite yet.

That’s also how I saw them waiting, weeks, months, and years, passing by.

At first, it really seemed as if their opportunity was getting closer. But then – at some point – it always started to get further away, until it disappeared. Then, they couldn’t understand what had happened. What had gone wrong.

Opportunities approach you, but don’t come all the way to you. They seduce you, making you think they’ll be within your reach in a minute. But in reality, they stay just a step beyond your reach. If you want to catch them, you’ve got to get out there, take that last jump, and get them.

The problem is, people don’t prepare for this last bit. They think that, as long as they work hard enough, they will eventually be rewarded for their dedication. While this sometimes happens – I must admit it, in my experience, what truly differentiates between those who constantly succeed at their goals are those who 1) either create the “something” missing, or 2) deal with its lack and just go for that opportunity anyway.

The question, of course is: are you ready and willing to do so?

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