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Quick update on recent news…

Posted by on October 3, 2011 at 9:12 pm under catogories [Personal]. Leave a reply.

Today’s Monday did not only mark the start of a new week, but also of a new season in San Fran. The Indian summer waved us goodbye yesterday, leaving his spot to be filled out by the rain and fog.

Rain & fog: that’s how winter works in this city. And I can’t complain, really. Because I love rain. I love wind. And I love the air they bring together with them. As for the fog… if you could look out of my window right now and see what I see, you would feel as if you lived in the air, surrounded by what looks like a blanket of clouds around the skyscrapers.

It’s magical.

And if I didn’t fear for my laptop’s safety, you can bet I’d be out, writing this past in the rain. Unfortunately, the technology I own doesn’t appreciate this weather as much as I do, so I must content myself with an open window.

Enough about the weather. Let’s talk news. I know I’ve been really, really bad and haven’t kept you up to date. But this time, instead of trying to catch up with everything I need to talk about (a strategy which only seems to make me post less), I’ll just give you the latest news.

These past weeks, I’ve been busy with my Arabic classes (Egyptian Dialect, Conversation, Callygraphy), a photography workshop, building websites, and also reading about corporate and tax laws – I’ve been working on launching a new business idea.  On top of that, my second MBA semester started, (I’m taking six classes), and I can’t say I’m very excited by some of the assignments I’ve got (particularly a 25-page research paper on risk management).

Everything was seemed to be under my control until last week when the universe decided to challenge me with a bit of a chaotic turn. I wasn’t pleased by that. At all. A severe neck-shoulder-pain which pretty much blocked my upper movements for an entire week didn’t help either, and I didn’t have time to go see my masseuse and fix the problem.

Still, by Friday, I was determined to take on the challenge. Anyone can rule order. It takes real skills to rule over chaos. And, I decided that rather than A) throw my hands in the air from despair and drop a bunch of tasks, or B) drive myself crazy, I would choose option C). I hit the gym.

Forget about the fact I couldn’t turn my head left or right. September, I had been way too irregular in my workouts: I would drop by the gym randomly, do random things. My little neat August schedule was gone, and my mind was apparently not set on creating a new one. That, I realized, hurt me way more than I had thought.

Often, when you have a rather unreasonable schedule, the first thing that disappears from it is the gym. (Then is sleep.) That’s how my 5x workouts a week became 2-3x. But, of course, I had forgotten that, while this would initially free up a few extra hours for weeks, it would in the end cause a decrease in energy, resistance, and productivity.

After last week, I decided to fix this in a very simple way. I promised myself that – whatever happens, no matter how much work I have in a given day – I would find an hour to spend in the gym, daily. Whether it is before or after sunrise, whether I’ll be lifting or running – it doesn’t matter, as long as I get my one hour “relaxation.” And there’s no better way of relaxing than being alone with your thoughts and letting out all of the negative energy.

And yes, that means I’m increasing back my workouts to a minimum of seven times per week. I’ve been following this promise since I made it on Friday and already, the change I feel in my concentration and mood is significant.

Of course, this also means I’ll have to deal with the alternative:  decreased sleep. Fortunately, with the biphasic schedule I’m still following, I’m not fearful of that. So far, I’m feeling great.

And with that, Happy Monday!

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